ONE FAIRTRADE und Kaffeerösterei: After War Comes Peace and with Peace Comes Coffee

Imagine walking into a café on an island mound, where good coffee is also found.

Hidden in the far, northern reaches of Germany, lies a small storybook town. Cobblestone lines the roadways, facades of crow-stepped gable tower over, and Gothic cathedrals beckon the sky, reminiscent of a medieval time. Throughout the millennia, this ancient town has been raided, occupied, bombed, and set ablaze, and yet, Lübeck remained steadfast, forever known as the Luibice “lovely” Free City. Being a gateway to Scandinavia and Western Europe, Lübeck has produced great international talent like Thomas Mann (writer of Death in Venice, Confessions of Felix Krull & The Magic Mountain), Justus von Dohnányi (actor of Women in Gold. The Monuments Men, & Downfall), and Dieterich Buxtehude (Baroque composer and inspiration to Johann Sebastian Bach). And at the center of this UNESCO World Heritage Site, lies a kaffeerösterei.


ONE FAIRTRADE und Kaffeerösterei

Königstraße 106 (Lübeck, Germany)

ONE opened its doors to the public in the winter of ’14 by partners: Juliane Aigner & Aykut Kayabas. Both Aigner and Kayabas have been in the coffee business for over a decade, and they know quality coffee when they see it, or should I say “drink it”.

Quality of Service:

In terms of cafe visits, I was given the royal treatment by the man-of-the-hour himself: Aykut Kayabas. He and his darling barista welcomed me upon entering, and once seated, engaged in amicable chitchat. After mentioning my interest in coffee, Aykut offered several samples of beans for me to taste. He, then, patiently explained the origins and roasting times of each product, and subsequently, invited me to the front of the store to pay homage to their glorious roasting machine.

Although this is the first time we’ve met, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I’ve seen Aykut before. And then it hit me. He reminded me of Portlandia’s Fred Armisen. Fitting.

Quality of Product:

Aykut’s stunning sidekick served up a creamy cappuccino (€2.80) made with their Espresso Klassisch (7% Robusta & 100% Fair Trade) blend with beans from India, Honduras, & Mexico. Its taste was as sweet as its price. As if the taste and price weren’t pleasing enough, each beverage is accompanied by a piece of Fair Trade chocolate. I was so impressed with their espresso and their service that I purchased 250g of their single-origin Kolumbien, promising accents of orange, for my host family. Liubice! Learn more about their 100% Fair Trade products on their website [here] and FB page [here]. Turn on Google Translate if need be.

Quality of Atmosphere:

I stumbled upon this kaffeerösterei simply by following my nose. Just like La Caféothèque in Paris, ONE roasts all of their beans onsite, and when they do, the rich, earthy aroma can be smelt from blocks away, alluring customers, like bees to honey. What a glorious and ingenious sales tactic!

Last Remarks:

ONE stands for Organic, Natural, and Ethical, which is exactly the service, product, and atmosphere you will experience at this café, with an endearing touch of Liubice. So, if you ever find  yourself in the north of Germany, follow your nose and your guilt-free conscious to the small storybook town of Lübeck.

As always, thank you for reading and joining me on this #internationalcoffeejourney

Comfort Rating:


four out of five

Fair Trade is more about the principle than it is about the seal. It’s about sustainable production, good working conditions, and fair wages

Juliane Aigner


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