Ten Belles: Beauty is in the Eye of the Coffee Holder

Imagine walking into a ca… Wow! They have baristas like that! (。♥‿♥。)

The cafe-going experience isn’t just about drinking the coffee. It can also be about sampling the eye candy.


Ten Belles

10 rue de la Grange aux Belles, 75010 (Paris, France)

Ten Belles is the café muse oThomas Lehoux, a protégé of Le Caféothèque. But don’t let his sweet, doe-eyed look fool you. In 5 short years, he went from barista to cafe owner, and subsequently, added co-founder of the roasting empire, Belleville Brûlerie to his resume. Stuff of coffee legends.

Quality of Atmosphere:

Ten Belles is appropriately located in Saint-Martin of Paris, otherwise known as Hipsters Paradise. Before exiting the metro, you can smell the combat boot, Ray Ban clad 20-somethings lounging along the river bank next to their fixed-gear bicycles. I honestly thought about delving deeper into Parisian indie culture, but that would require parting with my cat tights and Okayama-themed Hello Kitty socks, and I’m just not ready for that type of commitment. And was that American and Australian accents I heard!?! This place might be counter-culture international, and Parisians make it look trop cool.

This two-tiered café is petit: a few tables upstairs, a handful downstairs, and an adhoc table outside, but it’s comfortable enough for meeting a friend or two. My friend and I studied French for just over an hour at one of the tables upstairs and didn’t feel pressured to hurry off the premises. Well, more like I attempted to speak in French and he listened to me mar it. Sorry, Arty*! ><

Quality of Product:

I ordered un café noisette, which is similar to a macchiato, but with steamed milk instead of foam, for €3 euro, and my dear friend (and French teacher) had a cappuccino for €4. They were both made using the espresso of the day, which was La Piramide: a Belleville Brûlerie blend from Cauca, Colombia with a nice acidic kick. Although I didn’t try it, the current filter was Chelelektu Naturel; also a Belleville Brûlerie blend from Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia with notes of red fruits and chocolate.

Quality of Service:

Served by two devilishly handsome Australian baristas. ‘Nuff said. Don’t believe me?

Last Remarks:

Would I return to Ten Belles? [insert GIF of lovestruck Ariel] For their coffee, of course! Yea… just the coffee! ^_−☆

As always, thank you for reading and joining me on this #internationalcoffeejourney

Comfort Rating:


four out of five



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