Ka·e·ru Domicile’s Ratings of Home Comfort

5 HOMES: Super Comfortable.

five out of fiveLike changing into your favorite p.j.s (the ones with the holes in the crotch), pouring your brew of choice, and putting your feet up on the coffee table because no one’s [or only the people you care about are] around. Siiiighhh… You’re home!

4 HOMES: Comfortable, but Not Quite Home.

four out of fiveLike being at Grandma’s house; although you know where the cookies are hidden, you wouldn’t take some without permission.

3 HOMES: Meh… Okaaaay. Not Amazing. Not Terrible.

three out of fiveLike sleeping over at your friend’s house, having fun, but knowing it’s not your bed.

2 HOMES: Uncomfortable & Awkward.

two out of threeLike going to a coworker’s house warming party and not knowing anyone there.

1 HOME: Super Uncomfortable. Period.

one out of fiveLike being at your date’s house for the first time, taking a poop because you just HAD to have Indian food for dinner, and discovering there’s no toilet paper.


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