How to Order Un Buon Caffè

How to Order Un Buon Caffè:

Ordering a coffee in Italy can be an absolute nightmare, especially if you’re not familiar with the many-faces of espresso and/or Italian. You can either be super lax by simply ordering your preferred beverage and leaving the details up to the barman OR you can be super particular, down to the type and temperature of cup you prefer to drink from. It’s up to you to determine your cafe-going experience, but first, let’s learn some Italian:

  1. Drink:
    • Caffè = espresso
    • Doppio = double
    • Cappuccino = cappuccino
    • Caffè Latte = latte
    • Caffè Macchiato = macchiato
    • Caffè Con Panna = whipped cream-topped espresso
    • Caffè Hag/ Decaffeinato = decaffeinated
    • Corretto / Borghetti = liquored espresso (grappa, sambuca, or brandy)

  2. Brewing Time of Espresso:
    • Cordo/ ristretto = short
    • Normale = normal
    • Longo = long

  3. Temperature of Espresso:
    • Freddo = cold
    • Tiepido = warm
    • Caldo = hot

  4. Type of Milk:
    • Intero = whole (3.6%)
    • Parzialmente = partial (1.6%)

  5. Amount of Milk:
    • Pocco = a little
    • Tanto = a lot

  6. Milk Temp & Texture:
    • Schiamato = foamed
    • Scremato = steamed
    • Freddo = cold

  7. Type of Cup:
    • Vetro = glass
    • Tazza = ceramic

  8. Extras:
    • Zucchero = sugar
    • Cucchiaino = spoon
    • Acqua liscia/frizzante = still/fizzy water

Of course, you can’t forget to have a fresh-baked pastry with your espresso, but of course, ordering a brioche is a whole other kettle of fish. Remember Italians frequent il bar often, and while there, they slowly, savour their coffee either standing at the bar or at a table. Vi piacerebbe un caffè?

Now, go out and impress people with your random coffee knowledge! And as always, thank you for reading and joining me on this #internationalcoffeejourney

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