What is a Barista?

What is a Barista?

IMG_6150A barista is an artist and a scientist who just so happens to specialize in serving coffee. We create coffee (and non-coffee) based beverages, invent new recipes, design pretty latte art, and entertain customers (sometimes, in multiple languages). At the same time, we taste, roast, grind, and weigh the coffee beans to precise measurements in order to create a formula for the perfect espresso. Yes, there is an actual formula! Next, we have to foam the milk to the perfect degree and texture to pair smoothly with the shot(s) of espresso. Throughout the day, we religiously check the temperature of the water, milk, pitchers, and cups, as well as the flow rate of water & espresso, and finally the grind, colour, and taste of the espresso. If something is off, we must find the cause and change it. We aim for consistency and quality –

A great cup of coffee. Every. Single. Shot.

What skills and knowledge are necessary?

Just a love of coffee and an eagerness to explore its possibilities. As well, having a soft spot for people is always an asset because you kind of have to deal with them a lot.

Now, go out and impress people with your random coffee knowledge! And as always, thank you for reading and joining me on this #internationalcoffeejourney


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