What is 帰る [kæ·ru] Domicile About?

帰る [kæ·ru] Domicile

A 4th-Wave [Virtual] Café Community

Imagine… being home, no matter where you are.

Overall, 帰る [kæ·ru] Domicile (aka KaeDom) is a COFFEEHOUSE COMMUNITY you can love, feel safe in, and belong to. If 帰る [kæ·ru] Domicile was a philosophy, it would assert that being home is a blissful state of love, safety, and belonging, not only a physical place, like in a house, city or even a cafe, and one simply needs to return within themselves to find it. We are an international community of coffee enthusiasts that care not only about making a good cup of coffee, but also about the social, economic, and environmental impact of our beloved coffeehouses on their respective communities of priority (i.e., BIPOC, 2SLGBTQA+, neurodivergent, differently abled, and disenfranchised). Thus, we’re interested in creating events, programs, and resources for OUR community to support others in solidarity. Overall, we value COFFEEHOUSES, COMMUNITY, and COLLABORATION. From Canada to Japan, we welcome the world to return home and connect to our #internationalcoffeejourney, one coffee at a time.

Along the way…

this café & lifestyle inspired blog will present:

  1. All About Kæ·Dom: an introduction
  2. Kæ·Dom Cares: life lessons and important insights
  3. Kæ·Dom Creates: a compilation of poems
  4. Kæ·Dom Crams: a collection of coffee tips
  5. Kæ·Dom Calls-to-Action: work to be done to better serve our communities of priority
  6. Kæ·Dom Commiserates: updates about Kæ·Dom’s 生き甲斐 [i·ki·ga·i] adventure
  7. Kæ·Dom Commemorates: reviews about cafés that exhibit their own home comfort

Please, make yourself at home during this #internationalcoffeejourney.

Start by clicking on the “MENU” above.

Canada | Japan | Germany | Italy | France | Ireland | Belgium 

From curious consumer to café owner,

the return home starts here.

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