9th Journey Update: The Paris Chapter

September 2018

The Paris Chapter (2016 – 2018):

A little sooner than anticipated, my time in Paris came to an end; however, this transition from expat life to civilian life should not be cause for disappointment because the past two years abroad have been nothing less than extraordinary.

In the spring of 2016, I arrived in the city of l’amour et lumières with a dream in my heart and a single address in my hand. And so, I went in pursuit of my 生き甲斐 [i·ki·ga·i]: to explore the coffee world, become a barista, and eventually open a café(s) or rather a sanctuary for traveling souls. In the end, I discovered a passion of mine that flows deeper than the fervour I have for my craft.

Undeniably, there is nothing I love more than people who are passionate about who they are and what they can do for the world; people who thrive on sharing their passion with curious onlookers; and people who are not afraid to learn alongside fellow eternal students and even if they are afraid, they chose the road less traveled because they know, in the end, doing so will be more fulfilling.

As if attracted by their light, I met the most extraordinary people while I was in Paris: Insta-famous bloggers, dessert hating Michelin star pastry chefs, street cleaners learning computer programming, rugby obsessed cheese sellers, underground raving baristas, romantic graffiti artists, working grandmothers, professional male ballerinas, stunningly beautiful drag queens, architecture-qualified mixologists, tattoo covered chocolatiers, trilingual film makers, solo traveling firefighters, wine loving CrossFit instructors, philosophic screen writers, theater-trained masseuses, train hopping art dealers, cocktail adoring cookie creators, and the list goes on. Because of them, I’ve learned to become an eternal student.

In honour of these kindred spirits, I decided upon an invaluable souvenir. Just as my first tattoo was inspired by the people I met during my three years in Japan (生き甲斐 = reason for being), henceforth, my second tattoo is inspired by the people I met during my two years in France (ardure/ardeur = ardent/fervent/passion). Therefore, whatever your raison d’être may be, do it ardently and with passion.

What will the next chapter entail? I’m not sure, but eventually I’ll be coming for you, my brotha’s from down unda’.

In a while crocodiles ^_−☆

As always, thank you for reading and joining me on this #internationalcoffeejourney


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