The Lady Ikigai Project: An International Collective of Entrepreneurs

You want to open a cafe? Why should I help you?

Because the cafe world is a community, not a competition.

The 帰る [ka·e·ru] Domicile concept has expanded. At first, the return home started as an aspiring cafe. Henceforth, the #internationalcoffeejourney will end as an International Collective of Entrepreneurs. From locals to expats, no entrepreneur gets left behind.

And by entrepreneur, I don’t just mean business owners. Please, this is 2019! In French, entrepreneur simply means one who undertakes a task. So if you’ve started a dance troupe, or programmed an app, or written an opus, or invented a recipe, or discovered a planet, 帰る [ka·e·ru] Domicile wants to showcase your innovations.

Undeniably, there is nothing 帰る [ka·e·ru] Domicile loves more than people who are passionate about who they are and how they can change the world; people who thrive on sharing their passion and talents with curious onlookers; and people who are not afraid to learn alongside fellow eternal students. And even if they are afraid, they chose the road less traveled anyways because they know, in the end, doing so will be more fulfilling.

I’ve been lucky to meet many passionate and talented entrepreneurs in my life, and I want to share their passion and talents with the world.

Therefore, 帰る [ka·e·ru] Domicile will provide the space, you provide the talent! Joining this collective will give entrepreneurs access to information, networks and funding opportunities, as well as a positive learning environment and a gateway to success. 帰る [ka·e·ru] Domicile will be a showcase and an incubator.

If resources were endless, the Lady Ikigai Project would be focused on engaging the global community, and in terms of appearance, it would look like a Japanese tea house enraptured by Les Jardins du Château de Versailles with:

  1. Three locations to start:
    • Canada
    • France
    • Japan

  2. Membership for:
    • Aspiring Entrepreneurs
    • Dedicated Entrepreneurs

  3. A Sponsorship Program for:
    • entrepreneurs who need help making ends meet

  4. The 3W Mentoring Program:
    • the entrepreneur’s guide to harnessing
      • The Warrior: courage
      • The Wanderer: curiosity
      • The Weaver: creativity

  5. An International Cafe Exchange Program for:
    • baristas
    • mixologists
    • pastry chefs
    • culinary chefs

  6. A Cafe to Exhibit International Delights:
    • using organic, Fair Trade or Direct Trade ingredients

  7. An Outdoor Community Garden:
    • also used by the cafe

  8. A Weekly Outdoor Market

  9. Studio Space for:
    • Local & expat entrepreneurs of various mediums
    • tattooers, hair stylists, makeup artists, aestheticians, etc.
    • with switchable glass for privacy/publicity

  10. Showcase Space with:
    • An Experimental Table to present new scientific advancements
    • A Savy Dock to present new technological innovations
    • A Book Nook to present new published works
    • A Music Corner to present new musical creations
    • A Pop-Up Shop to present new fashion designs
    • A Gallery Wall to present new visual art

  11. Individual & Small Group Spaces for:
    • working remotely
    • studying languages
    • business meetings

  12. Multi-Purpose Space for:
    • local stage performances
    • local political debates
    • seminars and info-sessions
    • private events
    • large group meetings
    • movie nights
    • exercise classes

  13. Daycare for:
    • all the mama & papa entrepreneurs who need an extra hand with childcare duties

  14. Environmentally-friendly Facility:
    • 100% sustainable materials
    • low-waste
    • energy-efficient lighting

  15. Profits funneled back into the community through:
    • education
    • resources

Obviously, I have a lot of market research to conduct because the incubator competition is fierce. But in the meantime… Siiigh… an aspiring entrepreneur can dream!


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As always, thank you for reading and joining me on this #internationalcoffeejourney

Start your own return home through understanding your core values, expressing your true identity, discovering your intended purpose, meeting genuine people, and spending quality time.

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