About the Author

Are you in need of any assistance in further developing your cafe’s vision? Do you ever find yourself needing an extra hand or a second pair of eyes? Are you curious about expanding your menu or your community outreach, but just don’t have the time?

Perhaps, I can help.

Nicole Lynne Finch

is an aspiring entrepreneur with 8 years of leadership experience in the fields of business management, education, counselling, and event planning.


Nicole started her #internationalcoffeejourney by obtaining:

  • Level I: Beginner Barista Training
  • Level II: Advanced Barista Training
  • Level III: Expert Barista Training

from the Canadian Barista & Coffee Academy in Toronto, Canada, where she learned the fundamentals of making coffee (e.g., anatomy, chemistry, and flavor profiles of coffee beans, roasting, grinding, and brewing techniques, etc.)

She, then, continued her training by completing:

  • Latte Art Workshop

at Café École Lomi in Paris, France, where she learned the fundamentals of latte art including the heart, the Rosetta, and the tulip.

Work Experiences:

Nicole isn’t a stranger to the three waves of coffee revolution having experienced each of them firsthand from behind the counter.

  1. First-wave: Traditional Coffeehouses
  2. Second-wave: Industrial Coffee shops
    • Barista at McCafé – Lieusaint, France

  3. Third-wave: Experimental Cafes


Like you, Nicole has a keen interest in café culture, not just about making good food & beverages, but also about using ethically-sourced ingredients, and contributing to the local & global community, so much so, she initiated this café & lifestyle blog: 帰る [ka·e·ru] Domicile, to share her #internationalcoffeejourney with the world through Core Values, True Identity, Intended Purpose, Quality Time, and Genuine People. Eventually, her passion will transpire into a global cafe, coworking, and community incubator for baristas, artisans, and other entrepreneurs. [Read more about her Lady Ikigai Project here.]


Now that Nicole has returned to London, Ontario, Canada, she is offering her skills as a Freelance Barista & Cafe Consultant. From manning the coffee machine to contacting suppliers to posting on social media to training staff,

Nicole could be a Swiss army knife for your coffee shop.

There are many benefits of hiring a freelance barista, including:

  • flexible access
  • special expertise
  • reduced risk/liability
  • saving of employee expenditures
  • fewer responsibilities
  • less supervision
  • high quality work
  • new networks


If you think working together would be an interesting step for your cafe, she invites you to contact her via e-mail: nicole.finch29@gmail.com or kaeru.domicile@gmail.com. She awaits your response with anticipation.

As always, thank you for reading and joining me on this #internationalcoffeejourney

So, you want to join the cafe industry. Why should I help you?

Because the coffee world is a community, not a competition.



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