KaeDom’s Quotidien Connection Collection

Introducing KaeDom’s Quotidien Connection Collection.

Every weekday on our IG stories, we will indulge every facet of your coffee curiosity.


Monday Martini Musings: Every Monday, I will ask you a question to get to know you better. Let’s Coffee & Chill, my barista darlings.

Tuesday Cortado Trivialities: Every Tuesday, I will spill the tea on some tried & true tips, tricks, and trivia about cocaine… jk…! Of course, COFFEE! Let’s Coffee & Cram, my barista darlings.

Wicked Cold Brew Wednesday: Every Wednesday, I will take a moment to connect with the communities of priority that are impacted by our fav coffeehouses. A little coffee activism, if you will. Let’s Coffee & Call-to-Action, my barista darlings.

Thursday Latte Throwbacks: Every Thursday, I will share silly coffee-related stories & shenanigans. FYI mine are hella embarrassing, but I trust this is a safe space. Let’s Coffee & Commiserate, my barista darlings.

Frivolous Affogato Friday: Every Friday, I will give a shoutout to quirky, cozy, and quaint coffeehouses in our community- just in time for the weekend. Let’s Coffee & Commemorate, my barista darlings.

Let’s Coffee & Connect, my barista darlings.

Follow the #internationalcoffeejourney on IG & FB.

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