Melodic Choice

Melodic Choice

by Nicole Lynne

Choose a song that means a lot to me?

What a preposterous task to ask.

How can I select ONE song?

From the entirety of our global musical archive,

And come away with the pinnacle!?!

For me, such a song does not exist.

For each song introduced to me by friends, lovers, and family members brings with it a cascade of irrefutable emotions and meaning.

Some grand, some demur.

To choose between the divine Edith Piaf or the mesmerizing Yoshida Brothers?


To ignore the bravado of Nina Simone or the croons of Sam Cooke?

This would be a crime.

To say nothing of The Temptations, The Beatles, or The Jackson 5?


To dismiss the anti-war cries of CCR or the silent complexity of Simon & Garfunkel?

To deny recognition to Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake or Mozart’s 40th Symphony?

To forget the ingenuity of Queen, A Tribe Called Red, or System of a Down?

To renounce the revolutionary roles of Guns n Roses, Kendrick Lamar, and Pat Benatar?

Choose just ONE you ask?

What an insurmountable burden, to which I must protest.

However, I guess this is a forewarning to never let me choose the next song.

Because you’ll never know what you’re gonna get.

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