Juicy Tings: A Peachy Keen Cafe

Imagine a café that’s too pure to be pink and too bad to be lightning.

We all know about the magic of Santa and the magic of miracles, but there’s a third kind of magic that occurs when a classic espresso bar meets a modern juice bar.


Juicy Tings

613 Dundas St (London, Ontario, Canada)

Grab your kicks, Dolls and Jets, because Old East Village (OEV) is fat city! It’s unofficially official. With recent urban development, OEV has been sanctioned as London’s Hipsters Paradise. Barber shops, record shops, coffee shops and more, this village with the biggest heart has it all. And with Juicy Tings stationed at its entrance, coffee-lovers and juice-lovers of all colours, shapes, and sizes have been welcomed since its debut in November 2018. Her neon pink sign will beckon you from inside the entrepreneurial incubator space, B13: The Baker’s Dozen.


Quality of Service:

Juicy Ting’s sign may be pink, but its owner’s conscience is pure green. London-native, Jasmine has used her near decade of barista experience in the 6ix to orchestrate a zero-waste espresso juice bar. All organic waste from her freshly pressed juices are picked up by eager farmers for compost, which will then be used to fertilize the next batch of fruit & veg. Doesn’t this give a whole new meaning to the proverbial Circle of Life!?!

Furthermore, Jasmine isn’t just green of mind, she’s also green of thumb, choosing to grow and harvest the produce used in all her edible creations. And if there isn’t room in her garden, she sources high-quality, organic produce from community initiatives, Urban Roots and Perfect Green.

Quality of Product:

IMG_4744Jasmine may look like a sweet little lady, but she’s got the mind of a mad scientist. She’s constantly re-imagining Plain Jane recipes. There’s a “fixed” menu available, which includes ingenious concoctions like Love Jones (espresso, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, and soy milk) and Nova (turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, pepper, and soy milk), although their more appropriate names would be the Elixir of the Gods and Love in Liquid Form. Her organic fair-trade coffee beans were sourced from local roaster, Asmara, and were ground and pulled using a vintage Gaggia grinder and espresso machine, the latter fondly named Gregory.

On the other hand, her incredible food menu changes on a daily basis, depending on which ingredients are in season. So, keep a keen eye on JT’s Instagram because items like soups, vegan chili, specialty desserts, and even samosas are announced either the morning of or the night before, but better act fast because it’s first-come-first-serve for these HOT tings. Looking for something a little cooler? Juicy Tings has become quite infamous for its summer treats: Real Fruit Freezies. Think chocolate, coconut, and banana or pineapple and ginger. Yum! On this particular visit, Jasmine served up a delicious blueberry, white chocolate muffin and a scrumptious dark chocolate, espresso muffin.

Sick JT swag is also available in-store.

Quality of Atmosphere:

The only way to describe Juicy Ting’s decor is UNIQUE. The space between these four walls exhibits the world of its maker, which she lovingly built with her own two hands. From the 50’s soda shop-inspired colour palette to the Art Deco accents to the Frida Kahlo tiled trim (Jenny May Mosaic), there’s a story behind every detail. Find out more by attending Juicy Ting’s weekly movie nights and/or frequent live performances. You may even see Jasmine serving her killer punch at a local market or two (Boho Bazaar Night Market).

Last Remarks:IMG_4814

Juicy Ting’s home, The Baker’s Dozen might as well post a yellow “Caution! Local Artists at Work” sign with a silhouette of a beanie clad, flannel wearing, dream toting millennial. Upfront, Juicy Tings concocts thirst-quenching bevies to the beat of Odyssey Records latest vinyl, Meanwhile in the back, Community Ink maps out a new tat, Twiga designs a new tee, and Krums trims a new do. Check the full list of tenants here. It’s a fantastic scene bustling with juicy activity, if you’re into that kind of thing… or should I say ting!?!

As always, thank you for reading and joining me on this #internationalcoffeejourney

Comfort Rating:


five out of five

Wake the fuk up.



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