About The Grounded Fund

COMING SOON!!! The Grounded Fund A Coffeehouse Passport Program The Grounded Fund collects coffee love in the form of small donations from compassionate passport participants, like you, and then gives it back to our communities of priority via our Free Community Coffee Days, donations to socially-responsible organizations, and commissions of local artisans. Would you like … Continue reading About The Grounded Fund

Juicy Tings: A Peachy Keen Cafe

Imagine a café that's too pure to be pink and too bad to be lightning. We all know about the magic of Santa and the magic of miracles, but there's a third kind of magic that occurs when a classic espresso bar meets a modern juice bar. Presenting… Juicy Tings 613 Dundas St (London, Ontario, Canada) … Continue reading Juicy Tings: A Peachy Keen Cafe

KaeDom’s Quotidien Connection Collection

Introducing KaeDom’s Quotidien Connection Collection. Every weekday on our IG stories, we will indulge every facet of your coffee curiosity. SCHEDULE: Monday Martini Musings: Every Monday, I will ask you a question to get to know you better. Let’s Coffee & Chill, my barista darlings. Tuesday Cortado Trivialities: Every Tuesday, I will spill the tea … Continue reading KaeDom’s Quotidien Connection Collection

How to “Dial In” an Espresso

How to "Dial In" an Espresso: Nah, I ain't talking about your cell phone plan. Dialing in is a term used by baristas while troubleshooting for the perfect recipe for their espresso beans. Most third-wave baristas would agree that the equation for a perfect espresso is: a 30-50 ml [yield] beverage prepared from 16-22 grams [dose] of … Continue reading How to “Dial In” an Espresso

About the Author

Are you in need of any assistance in further developing your cafe’s vision? Do you ever find yourself needing an extra hand or a second pair of eyes? Are you curious about expanding your menu or your community outreach, but just don’t have the time? Perhaps, I can help.