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Are you in need of any assistance in further developing your cafe’s vision? Do you ever find yourself needing an extra hand or a second pair of eyes? Are you curious about expanding your menu or your community outreach, but just don’t have the time? Perhaps, I can help.

The Beginning of the Return Home: The Origin of 帰る [kæ·ru] Domicile

IMAGINE walking into a brand new café that you just discovered on an ordinary Sunday afternoon. The sweet smell of cinnamon and freshly ground coffee greets you at the door, along with a warm smile and a friendly, "Hello, please, come in," from the barista.

What is 帰る [kæ·ru] Domicile About?

Imagine... being home, no matter where you are. 帰る [kaeru] Domicile is A Café & Lifestyle Inspired Blog